Vieo And Lyrics ¨Gratis¨

Peep the finisher, blemisher, menace to sinister
It’s him with the, been with the, mic’s next to kin with the
Lyrical assassinate like toxic waste
Rocks is base, matches I burn up in your face
Travel through eons, mentally to spit it viciously
Slapping up these red-eyed devils, speaking fictitiously
They slipping b, snipping the, mic styles they slippery
A golden aura, it backs the voice you can’t ignore the
Monumental essence, which crowds wish to adore the
Shimmering stone, lace like stylish, luscious, tiffany
Sages when they meditate, prism filling my imagery
Subliminally, thoughts I set it, synchronistical
The intricacy, complex levels my entity
No stopping me, I’m rocking the, hip-hop philosophy
Drummer drums it; preserve myself to keep me Omni-potent
9 9 styles I keep it flowing

[Chorus]: (dj premier *cutting & scratching*)
“Randomly flip on bystanders” <–guru
“Blowing up the spot” <–
“Randomly flip” <–guru
“Take control” <–
“And represent, represent, represent” <–

[Verse two]: afu-ra
Poisonous, venom yes, when I bless the mic and structure
Supreme ultimate conductor, eruption
Type flow, lyrical lava, torching up foes
Neff combustion when I’m +crushing+, like big pun
Who’s the one who makes the kids run?
Stun like stun guns; son, I hit your fulcrum
Seas of mcs I part, and some may call it biblical
Steady causing damage with words, and even syllables
Audio, it’s too militious, call it vicious
No time for battling, competition I’m shattering
Astro-physical, to melt mics my ritual
Something I couldn’t stop, yo, it’s just habitual
Flow like the breeze, with ease, of seven seas
You’re to your knees, like hit by a disease
It’s afu, you know who, I’m coming faster
Pay attention, cause it’s worldwide disaster

[Chorus x2]: (dj premier *cutting & scratching*)

[Verse three]: afu-ra
Listen up, now class was in session, stop fussing
Worshiping cars, clothes and weapons
Your reign is over, like any move of a chauvinistic
Weak-ass, character misfits
You know it wouldn’t, last forever with endeavors
Multiple bad moves, your head, you finally severed
Reactivated, by the new heads of state
Whose lyrical ideologies uncover fallacies?
And dynasties constructed by the morbid
I knew it took time, but time it took to floor it
The next centennial, will start with minimal
Microphone controllers trying to bless lines with imbecile
Lyrical content, for devilishment
Body of the life-force, styles be heaven-sent


YouTube Reggae Music¨Gratis¨


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